Everyone is talking about decluttering these days, not just as a new trend, but to live your life in a less frenzied manner.


In other words, declutter to bring in calm and order and to help you manage life more easily.


As I always say, you cannot change outside influences, but you can change the way you do things in your own home.


So, here, for you, are some top decluttering tips for you to try.


  • Whenever you take something out of a cupboard, or your wardrobe or off a shelf, once you have finished with it, put it back. That way clutter does not start to build up
  • Paper clutter is one I come across all the time. Make sure you stay on top of your paperwork, by opening envelopes the minute you receive them, binning/recycling what is not worth keeping, filing what needs to be filed and putting to one side (probably in your action pile) that which needs dealing with
  • Encourage your family to join in with the tidying up routine, if they see you putting away stuff, they should hopefully follow suit. Tell them how important it is to you
  • Only have clothes in your wardrobe that you love or wear regularly, anything else can be donated or sold on sites like Vinted or similar
  • Write a list of your regular food shop and plan your meals on a weekly basis. That way there is no food waste. If you find it hard to resist the ‘extras’ when shopping in a store, then look to setting up a regular supermarket online shop, delivered on the same day and time
  • Put yourself first so that you can keep your energy high. If you are struggling, you will find it harder to declutter and keep your home looking lovely
  • Set some time aside each day to declutter, even if it’s just fifteen minutes
  • Only have in your home that which is functional or beautiful. This is a quote from William Morris but a very good one.  We take up so much space with stuff we don’t even use
  • Setting yourself a timer to declutter is a good way to not get too engrossed in items you find. It’s easy to head down memory lane, so keeping sessions short and sweet with an alarm to bring you back into the ‘now’ is a great way to keep the energy going
  • If you plan to declutter a cupboard, take everything out before going through items, otherwise you will find yourself skimming off the top and not really getting into the nitty gritty of the problem
  • Shop mindfully and evaluate everything before tapping your card on the reader – it’s harder to return items than it is to say No at the till point
  • Have a digital declutter – close all unused accounts and cancel any unused subscriptions
  • Use containers to store things in your drawers. Not only does it make your drawers look better, but it also just feels more organised and makes easier access for all that you want to reach for



I am full of tips and ideas for a decluttered life and home but for now, the above will get you going


With Love