We all get overwhelmed from time to time. For some of us, the stress is harder to handle. We’re not all ‘cool cats’ who allow stress to wash off us! For some people it can be harder. I think the majority of us are stressing these days, hence the UK’s mental health crisis! Decluttering your mind is an art.

I recently had a client contact me. She was feeling really overwhelmed with an almost panic-attack scenario happening. She messaged me and here’s what I said to her which I think are good ‘tips’ for any of us to take on board – don’t you?

Take a bath
I’m a big fan of bath. Okay, you may not have a bath so a hot shower will suffice, but stand under the shower for as long as you can. If it’s a bath, then allow yourself to be emerged into the bubbles, light some candles and don’t get out until your skin looks wrinkly and funny. Then you know you had a good soak and feel so relaxed. I love Magnesium Flakes and Epsom salts which are amazing for the bath and can purchased from TK Maxx for a fraction of the price in beauty shops.

It’s important to get your eight hours sleep. Stress, anxiety and tiredness can take over when you’re not properly sleeping and suffer from insomnia. I have an eight-hour’s sleep alarm on my phone and yes, it literally plays me a lullaby to remind me to go to bed. If you struggle to sleep there are ‘adult lullabies’ for getting a good night’s sleep and any number of ‘help you sleep music’. I like ‘Zen Garden Sleep Talk Down‘ by Jason Stephenson.

Meditation can be done any time of day or night. It doesn’t involve sitting in a corner and chanting (unless you want to). Meditation can happen when you walk. Often I grab my phone, put on my mediation music and walk along the beach. I try to bring my thoughts back to the beach and the music – and that’s all. It’s hard to do but there is only one time you can think clearly, and that’s when you don’t have any THOUGHTS!

Eat well
It’s not always easy to eat well when you’re stressed. It’s much easier to grab a glass of wine and a pizza as a way of decluttering your mind. Right?  No!  Don’t do it, in times of stress, bring calm into your life and into your body. Salads full of rich antioxidants, berries, avocados, sweet potatoes, fish, organic meats or if you’re vegan, just eat healthy food. No sugar and no flour. Try to not drink any alcohol. I can’t deny that I’m a fan of a little fizz, however, I noticed it’s so good to cut right back. Alcohol is a depressant – not an antidepressant as most think. Yes, at the time of drinking you feel happy and light which is wonderful but it’s the next day that you feel tired, maybe even with a hangover, and can’t concentrate. Not to forget that alcohol contains a lot of sugar and is therefore very calorific.

Create a vision board
Create a vision board to visualize the life you want every day. Get your Pritt stick out and cut out pictures. What car do you want? Where do you want to live? Where do you want to go on holiday next? What new furniture do you want? How does that new person in your life look like? How do you want to be and look in years to come?

Keep yourself busy
I don’t mean running around like a blue-arsed fly – I love that phrase! 🙂 I mean keep yourself busy doing useful things, e.g. exercising, decluttering, cleaning, reading or ironing. I’m a big fan of ironing to keep myself calm and it’s certainly one of the most boring things one can do, however, use it to it’s full advantage to calm you down.

Love yourself
Self-love is what it’s all about. Any stress and anxiety comes from feeling ‘insecure’; if you felt secure you wouldn’t feel anxious.  Take time to figure out what you and your body needs. Treat yourself with respect and the way you would treat your best friend.

I hope you find these tips helpful, and can too use Decluttering your Mind to your advantage. What do you do to calm you down and relax? I’d love to hear from you, leave me a comment.

With love,

Tracey B x
Lifestyle Consultant & Blogger