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Dementia and how we can look out for others

Dementia and how we can look out for othersI’m not sure if any of you have been watching the amazing programme with Vicky McClure which has recently been aired on BBC1. It’s amazing how impactful music is on the lives of those living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, in particular how they remember the lyrics of a song and are much happier when they sing or play music, even though they can’t remember more recent events.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s rates are steadily increasing and sadly we cannot escape this wretched disease that steals lives and hearts. What we can do, however, is to try to recognise symptoms as soon as possible to help those affected.

We all get memory lapses, of course – welcome to my menopause world! Nonetheless, it’s important to be aware and just ‘keep an eye’ on someone you know who you suspect may be sliding into Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  As of today, there is no cure, but if diagnosed sooner there are actions that can be taken to try to ease the passage.

Please find more information from the NHS website – the early signs to watch out for;

  • memory loss
  • difficulty concentrating
  • finding it hard to carry out familiar daily tasks, such as getting confused over the correct change when shopping
  • struggling to follow a conversation or find the right word
  • being confused about time and place
  • mood changes.

We know that Dementia is individual to each person, but why don’t we all just keep an eye out for someone we love and worry about. Catching the disease early does make a difference and dietary changes can be made, prescription drugs provided (which do make a huge difference) and an enhanced quality of life can be maintained for a much longer time.

No one knows why one person does get Dementia or Alzheimer’s and another one doesn’t. It often runs in families with exceptions of course.

All I know for sure is what you put into your body and your brain you’ll get out. For that same reason I talk openly about mental health to raise awareness and talk openly about our health.

I hope you’ll find this information useful. Please leave me a comment if you’d like to, I’d love to hear from you!

With love,

Tracey x
Lifestyle Consultant & Blogger