In times of uncertainty, we often turn to others for support and guidance. In some cases, we may turn to the wrong people.  Perhaps, therefore, we could take lessons from a famous film – The Wizard of Oz.

It is one of my most favourite childhood movies. I love the setting, Dorothy’s red shoes, Judy Garland’s voice and most of all the message behind the story.

For those of you who have never seen this movie it’s about some characters, who join together to find a Wizard, who will give them ‘what’ they seek.

All the characters in the movie are drawn towards a great Wizard. A Wizard they have never met in their lives, but they’ve heard great things about him and they hope he can fix them. They believe that once they find him, he’ll work his magic and each of them will leave with what they most desire, i.e. a brain for the Scarecrow (who seems to think he’s not the brightest tool in the worksheet), a heart for the tin man (who seems to think he lacks intelligence), courage for the lion (who thinks he’s a big fluff-ball of trembles), and finally, for Dorothy, well, her needs are less complex, she just wants to get back home (but it’s more complex than that).

Each of them believes that by going to see some kind of ‘guru’ their lives will be transformed, and they’ll be given the tools they seek, i.e. the brain, the heart, the courage, when in fact they already possess these ‘tools in heaps. The scarecrow proves himself to be very smart, the tin man has the biggest of hearts and the lion is braver than brave. Why? Because in reality they’ve lived their lives and these lives have been their ‘winning formula’. As for Dorothy she had the power to return home – all she had to do was click her heels.

And what about the massive Wizard?  Well, he was all ‘smoke and mirrors.’ A small man who put on a ‘big front’ but in truth he was no more powerful than the people who came to him for his advice and guidance and in fact, his aggressive exterior hid an insecure person just trying to get through life. Just like the scarecrow, the tin man and the lion, the wizard was just doing his best.  Just like all of us.

I believe this film is a metaphor for the power that we already have within us. Human beings are magnificent, and we are way more powerful than we’ll ever believe! We are capable of so much, but our limiting self-beliefs hold us back. As for these characters who only want a piece of paper to confirm that they have the tools they need when they had those tools all along but never knew it.

Believing in yourself and dispelling your self-limiting beliefs is the way to help yourself move forward. Even if, as a child, you were told you can’t, you’re no longer a child and those long-held beliefs no longer serve you. Standing in your own ‘power’ and believing in yourself, without frantically turning to this person and that person to ‘fix’ you, is the most empowering way to live your life.

When I talk about decluttering, I talk about all elements of your life, including how you feel about yourself and how you talk to yourself.  It’s all about having positive mentors who support you but, at the same time, believing you have the tools yourself to do some really ‘good work’ on yourself.

Tracey B x

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