About two years ago a friend of mine introduced me to the Myers Briggs personality type profiling system. It is available for free from https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test.


I was intrigued as I am all about understanding myself so I can be a better version of me and to understand others better too.  After just 10 minutes I was classed as an ENFJ personality type which means Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling and Judgemental.


Over the two years I have consistently re-taken the test and each time the test has clarified me as an ENFJ.  With that said, I studied the pros and cons of being an ENFJ and took it all on board.


However last year I felt like I had made a major turning point in my life and lots of my friends have commented that I am calmer than they have ever known, and I seemed happier. They were and are spot on. Something has clicked inside me and I just feel different.  Better than I have ever done.


Out of curiosity last week I decided to re-take the Myers Briggs test.  Surely, I should be the same as I didn’t think you could ‘change’ your basic personality type.


However I am writing this blog as a rather strange thing has happened, my Myers Briggs test has changed to an INFJ-A/INFJ-T type?


So, what does that mean?  I have no intention of regaling you in detail about my personality type but there is one thing that jumps out.  The E in ENFJ stands for Extrovert but I am now, in a space of two years, I (Introvert).  How could that be? Am I not the girl who can walk into any party and talk to people like I have known them for years?


Well no, in truth I am not. I am actually very shy and have used a ‘persona’ to make my way through life. In truth, I find it difficult to enter rooms with lots of people, I find it hard to hang out in large groups and often find myself getting quieter and quieter as the bigger personalities take over. I used to question this behaviour but now I know, for sure, that I am an introvert, preferring smaller groups and actually shunning the limelight. The only place where I feel most confident is on the dance floor, where I can truly be myself.


No wonder my knees knock when I have to speak, and I have struggled with meetings where large numbers are involved. Even now, a large audience, even via Zoom, fills me with angst although I am working hard to eradicate that sinking feeling you can get from knowing you have to speak to a large audience.


My thought process, and therefore my conclusion on this subject, is as follows. It proves, without a doubt, that you can change.  When people say they can’t change, that is quite frankly wrong. Of course, basics cannot be changed, like your DNA profile but as you start to explore who you truly are, you start to strip back the layers and the ‘true’ you is revealed.  If you like, you are decluttering the past to make way for the future.


I actually like being an introvert, it feels more like me and I feel, at long last, that I am being more authentic which is what life is ALL about.


Being the truest, most beautiful version of you.


With love





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