I often set myself challenges and, in truth, I often don’t meet those challenges. Normally it’s over something like avoid sugar for a week.  However, whilst I still have breath in my body, I will still continue to challenge myself. It is what keeps me going, having something to aim for.


This year I have set myself some challenges that will take determination.  I intend to get back to my running, something that I have not done since 2017 when I broke a bone in my ankle. Even now I get twinges and with extra weight, I don’t feel ‘light’ enough to take the strain off my ankle.  So, my double-challenge is to lose the 10lbs I need to lose, to become more aerodynamic. Or at least, that’s my aim.


As much as I am a fan of living in the moment; in these times, I positively advocate it as the current moment is guaranteed, I still love a mental goal to work towards.  I believe we all need to see the horizon with all the joys that lie in wait for us.


Creating a vision board or a dream board or simply keeping a journal of your thoughts, wishes, dreams and personal challenges, is a great way to deflect your thoughts into something positive.


Right now, whilst the future remains ‘on hold’ I have created an A4 sheet, with 100 empty boxes. Every day I do 10 x 10 squat to presses in the comfort of my living room, I put an orange tick into the box. It gives me a sense of achievement and gives me something to focus on.


What challenges have you set yourself for this year?



With love


Tracey B