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Do you truly love yourself?

I know this is a strange question but it’s an important one.


I confess that I spent most of my life assuming people did not like me. It made me quite unhappy. I was constantly people pleasing which mostly meant me saying Yes when I truly meant No!  It made for some sticky moments, I can tell you.


In 2014 I started reading Louise Hay and her wisest words talk about loving yourself.  I could not help but see how little I actually liked myself never mind about loved myself.  Even books like @thesecret talk about how you are responsible for your own reality.


But that’s all changed, I assume (no ego involved I can reassure you) that everyone likes me, just as am. I don’t have to pretend to be someone that I think others will like.


I cannot tell you how refreshing it is, to be totally 100% yourself with no thoughts of “What will others think of me?”


It’s actually quite refreshing to go out and feel happy in your own skin, oblivious of what others’ think about you. Okay, I am always going to do the “Does my bum look big in this” but other than that, I have pretty much licked now.


You see? You are able to declutter every element of your life, even the way you feel about yourself.


With love




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