Do you perceive everything you have in your house as having value?


I ask this question as I have many clients who struggle to let go and perceive that everything has a value attached to it. It is something I have questioned myself, particularly when I have tried to sell items for clients, often with a small price listed on E-bay. Can everything truly have a value, particularly if you have used it, cherished it, had your joy from it and it no longer serves you?


I share with you a personal story. In 2009 I went on one of many trips to Dublin. It was a chance to spend money on Grafton Street. I had seen a black belt that a friend had and I HAD to have it, damn the expense. I purchase this large, thick belt, encrusted with jewels and for a time I loved it and I wore it. It was big, heavy and looked amazing; a true statement piece.


Roll on to 2017 and I was down-sizing to a two bedroomed flat. I do two rooms full of clothes and the belt lay amongst the heap of belts I had. As I looked at it, I asked myself some key questions


  • Do I like it – well yes, I did (sort of)
  • If I was in Grafton Street right now would I buy it (no it was no longer really my style)
  • Did it fit me (no, I had lost lots of weight and was no longer the size 16 I had been at the time of purchase)
  • Was I ever going to wear it again? The answer was a firm No it was time to let it go.


But hang on, I thought, it was worth something surely? It was leather and had been really expensive.  I put it onto eBay and gumtree and I even did a house clearance sale where women could come in and pick through my clothing.


No-one wanted it. Not one single person.


So on the last day in my house, as I packed up my last few possessions, before moving to a temporary residence, I looked at the belt one last time, bid it goodbye and took it to the Dog’s Trust Charity shop in Lymington. As I handed it over to the lady I thought to myself, “Someone is going to truly love this, and that makes me very happy.”



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