Do you ever feel like chucking in the towel?

What I mean by that is, do you ever feel like walking away from something you have spent your life working towards because right now, it’s not working out? Do you have the tendency to “throw the baby out with the bath water?”

I know I have done in the past. I have walked away from jobs that were amazing and relationships that could have worked.  I have made life decisions based on my insecurities and doubts, only to look back and think “Oh dear, that was not my finest hour.”

In truth, we all have those wobbly moments, it’s part of our life learnings, but finding the strength to carry on, even when you have made a mistake, is key.  Mistakes are never truly mistakes; they are learnings, the secret is to LEARN from them and ideally, never make the same mistake again. Easier said than done I know, as, so often, even if our gut is shouting to us to “DON’T DO IT”, we tend to carry on ‘doing it.’

I think our ego must get in the way somehow as the ego tends to be a bit of ‘smart-ass’ and direct us on some rather trepidacious paths through life, whether we want to experience them or not!  It’s all part of the karmic pattern.

The bravest souls carry on keeping on and that, after all, is the ONLY option.


With Love