Quite often after a break-up, people feel a sense of loss of identity. Who are you? Who were you and where do you want your future to be heading?  Even during this Lockdown period, you may find that you are having to re-think your life. 

I would always recommend reaching for the stars and aiming to be the very best version of yourself.

One of the ways to do this is to have a change of direction career-wise. Simply put, retrain.

On my journey to self-discovery, I decided to take a DIY course so that I can paint and decorate and feel at ease using an electric drill. I wanted to be able to do all of those little jobs around the house that I was so reliant on others to do for me. I wanted to feel empowered.

If you have had a career break for children or have been out of the work force for a while, then suddenly finding yourself back in the job market can be quite a daunting prospect.  Think back to your previous experience. Those skills may have been hidden for a few years, but it’s like riding a bike – those skills are with you for life and even though you may not have used them for a few years, it will all come flooding back.

Remember, retraining or taking a refresher course will give you the boost that you need to feel confident in your application and having the correct tools will give you every chance of getting that job you love and deserve.

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