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Forgiveness Is The Key

Have you had to learn to forgive someone who hurt you? Do you still hold negative thoughts about someone who has played a part in your life?

Me too – it’s awfully hard, isn’t it? To forgive someone for something that has caused you to suffer for a period of time, or even your entire life.

In 2014 I came to realize that those I had held accountable for my unhappiness were no more aware of what they had done, any more than they were aware of the pain they had caused. The only person in perpetual angst was me and there was only one person who could resolve the situation. Me! I needed to declutter my bitter thoughts from the past and find a way to dissolve anything negative that was left inside of me.  It was literally eating me up.

Some friends showed me a way forward, a simple prayer, that I could recite every day as many times as I liked.

I would walk from Boscombe to Southbourne daily, reciting the words in my head until, finally, the wound was healed. It is called the Hoponono and it reads as follows –

I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

When I came to learn to forgive myself and others, I experienced the most incredible sense of freedom; free at last, from the mental clutter that had held me back almost my entire life.

With Love