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Gardening is good for your mental health

My garden in LondonI’ve always been a big fan of gardening and have often used it as my saviour to alleviate any stress and anxiety, even if I could be found in the twilight hours digging up weeds and prettying up my garden!

I was lucky enough to live for over two yeas on the Brentham Garden Suburb in Ealing, London. One of the attractions of Brentham are the beautiful gardens the residents created and if you wanted to keep up with the Jones’ you want one yourself. I don’t really feel the need to keep up with anyone else but prefer to be unique, however, at the time I felt the urge to re-style my garden and that’s exactly what I did.

Over a period of two years, I had the garden re-designed and then carefully chosen plants according to the design which I all planted myself. I was even able to recite most of the plants’ names in Latin, not that I would be able to tell you now. I loved the project and it was such a good way to de-stress at a difficult time with the business my husband and I had. We worked very long hours, but despite those long hours and trade shows we went to my garden was my oasis and something I always looked forward coming home to. I would be sitting in my garden on most nights and relax which was very rewarding. The most amazing feeling was that during the time we lived there I was asked several times if I would open my garden to the residents. I had created an oasis amongst the big city of London.

One of the services I offer is gardening, i.e. re-designing, weeding, planting, etc. Even though I’m not a garden designer I have a good eye for spaces and plants and can help someone in times were they might feel a bit low and not happy with their garden. In those times it’s good to turn into the female version of well-known garden designer Diarmuid Gavin to tackle stress. I’ve worked on many garden projects and helped clients clear spaces as well as their gardens and I don’t shy away from weeding and planting. Oh, and I love jet-washing patios!

If you know someone who’s finding things a little tough right now and could do with some help to look at their garden, whether it’s just to clear it, or make a few changed to brighten it up and lift the spirits, then I’m your girl. A bright and beautiful garden space is always a great way to put a smile on your face, whatever time of year!

Do give me a call or send me an email if you’d like to discuss.


Tracey B x
Lifestyle Consultant