I need ways to keep me motivated, like many I get distracted as it’s always easier to do something else, like sit and read a book.


My latest thing is I am determined to get back to my walking. The way I was walking before, 4 miles a day.  However, I had been struggling of late, lots of excuses, mostly involving the weather.


Last Saturday I was determined to break the cycle of laziness and get out. Saturday dawned and it was raining and as I set off for my brisk Boscombe to Southbourne walk, the weather came in even worse. I hesitated, for a second. Should I go back? But no, I was determined to carry on, and carry on I did.


When I got back, I realized that I needed some kind of mental ‘jogger’ to show that I had started my new programme. I came up with a simple plan, I simply got a big coloured pen and put a nice coloured star on my diary to indicate that the walk had, indeed, been completed.


I know it sounds a bit “too organised” but I truly believe that if you have a busy brain, as I and millions of others do, then sometimes just a simple reminder is all you need. After all, how much did you like getting a gold star at school for a task well done? It’s no different.




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