Christmas is a great time to show how much you care by choosing a thoughtful gift to give to those who mean a lot to you.


However, in the times we live in, is gift-giving a thing of the past? Perhaps, in these decluttered times we are moving towards, simply the gift of your presence, a smile, a home made cake, maybe it’s the simpler things in life that mean the most?


In the past, I gave almost for the sake of it, I admit it. It made me feel good, but it came at a high cost. My finances!  I did not have the money to be so generous in truth and eventually it had to stop. I had run out of money!


For my part, I now still give freely but I come from a different place. Not a need to feel validated for what I do, but because I love to give; it’s that simple.


I shop the independents, supporting the high street and have already sourced some beautiful things for my dear friends who mean the world to me.


When gift shopping, really think about the person you are buying for and will they really like it/want it/need it?  Do not fall for the high street, buy one get one free gift sets and the like. Make this Christmas so incredibly special and unique, like maybe booking the amazing Gem Rose who is doing Singing Telegrams – what a genius idea!! Find her on Instagram on @gemroseuk


I think it’s going to be a special Christmas this year with heartfelt love pouring out from all of us in whatever form it takes.



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