Do you ever days when you want to shout from the rooftops “Okay, I give up.” “Enough already” right?


Yep, me too, sometimes on a weekly basis now.  However, whenever I do this, when I kind of shout out and let go, I feel a sense of relief.  Like I am handing over the reins to fate and that feels really good. After all, sometimes, it’s hard to just face things on your own, and believing in a higher force who can come to the rescue, is comforting. Whatever your beliefs, spiritual or non-spiritual just believing that something will turn out is always the way to live your life.


For the vast majority of my life, I did live my life like that. I would find myself in some horrible room in a horrible house in North London and put my head in my hands and have a little cry. Then I would shake myself off and think “it’s okay something will come along.” Strangely enough, it did; something always turned up.


As I reflect back on my life, I have come to realize that even in the darkest of hours/days/weeks/months and years I have always told myself that I have to keep on keeping on.


It has born me in good stead. So, if you are struggling right now, just keep believing in yourself and keep on keeping on. We are all in this together.


With Love


Tracy B