Whenever my clients come to me and we discuss their needs, the first thing I do is get out my notebook. It’s big, lined and heavy and it has a reassurance about it that I find comforting. We mean business and I am going to help them get to where they want to be.


All my life, I have written lists, from when I was a small girl, when I would write what I wanted to be when I grew up, through to my career as a PA working in high stress environments, my pad would come out, my list would be written and suddenly everything seemed calmer.


Okay the list might be lengthy, and you might need to keep adding, but one list of everything that needs to be done, is without doubt, one of the best ways to keep yourself in order.


I know that in these technological days, most resort on Notes on their phone and yes, I have notes too, but that’s more for Affirmations and Gratitude’s and Meditations that I might need to use with my client oh and my daily food shopping list.


I like my pads and will never be without. However, on many occasions I have worked with clients, who have more than one pad with lists on, in fact, pads can amount to as many as 10 with various doodlings and scribblings!  Eeek that can only lead to trouble as something, in my mind at least, could be lost?


I always encourage my clients to bring everything under one roof so to speak.  So one pad, with everything on it.


I have ‘one list’ written on one page. A To do list for my business and a To Do list for my personal life.


Each day I use a written pad and onto that pad goes the ‘tasks’ for next day. In other words, I break down the job at hand into smaller chunks so that I am not overwhelmed by the size of the projects I have on the go.


It brings me a sense of calm, something that I try to bring to the party when I work with my decluttering clients.  A list is a very good place to start.


With love



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