Have you have you heard about Gratitude’s? They are the new ‘best thing since sliced bread’ to help you create a happy life.


Wow!  That’s a bit of a claim isn’t it? But in truth, it’s I have never written a truer statement.


Many years I was introduced to the book @thesecret and it actually changed my life (for the better) forever.  I came to realise that deep down I had been a bit of a winger; although my normal ‘vibe’ is positive; and I tried to be grateful; deep down I was still thinking “that’s unfair”….”that’s not right”……’I am rubbish”…Oh why on earth did I do that..”? The list was endless and often I found that if I carried on in that vain for a period of time, I would dip over into that dark place called depression.


Once I was in that dark place, it was doubly hard to pull yourself up and out from the bottom again.  However, Gratitude’s changed my life.  Every day I would write down at least 5 things I was grateful for. Sometimes it would be as simple as the first cup of tea in the morning, my hot shower, my friends, the birds tweeting outside my window….anything at all to flick the switch from ‘off’ to ‘on’.  Of course, like everything, it’s habit and you have to integrate it into your daily life. Even when you think you are fixed, and you are lit up like Tigger you always have to do your gratitude’s to ensure that your inner light is kept bright.


My daily practice now is to do my gratitude’s as I go about my day. I don’t sit and concentrate on them, and neither do I write them down. That is because I am in a good place; however, that does not mean that being grateful will ever NOT be a part of my life. I simply incorporate them into my HIIT workout or my walk,


I am grateful for every day I spend on planet earth and in my view, that’s a great place to start.  Whatever our circumstances right now, we are living an incredible life. The good guys always win, and things always work out okay even if, right now, things seem a little scary.



With love



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