Just like The minimalists, I talk openly about every element of clutter that affects your life. Last week they shared a blog on gut health. And now, so shall I!


I have said before and I will say it again, I only share information that I have had first-hand knowledge of.


We talk about listening to our gut, don’t we? I used to feel my gut talking to me but never listened to it. I wished I had!  My gut was sending messages to my brain, mostly about the fact that I should be feeling worried and fearful.  Certainly, my brain listened to that advice, but little did I know that every time a message was sent like that, my poor gut was getting into a heap of trouble. The stress was simply causing my gut to react.


My gut was literally starting to leak, and it was struggling to absorb nutrients. It did not matter how healthily I ate, my gut hurt all the time, resulting in IBS which affected me, for the majority of my life.


Despite many attempts to look after my gut, things really culminated in 2019 and I was given the name of an amazing nutritionist called Dr June Butlin. The advice was given to me by my dear friend @carolinepapp who only ever has my best interests at heart.

The gut/mind link is now proven and with so many of us struggling with health issues, both mental and physical, there has never been a better time to start listening to your gut and what it has to say.


The link below shows how clearly there is a link and why it’s important to protect your gut and feed it what it needs, including probiotics like Keffir and Bone Broth, amongst other amazing ingredients.




This article from The Minimalists, a couple of Californian Lives who have a popular blog about living a Minimalist life, talk about the importance of supplements and gut health.




Like me, they believe there is no element of your life that cannot and should not be unturned in order to find the happiness you seek. A decluttered life really means decluttering including the health of your Gut!




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