Always keep your thoughts happy.  Whenever you have bad thoughts they are like poison and eat away at your body and soul.  Louise Hay says it how it is – DISEASE is dis-ease. Dis-ease with life can eat away your esteem and joy for life.  Whenever you feel those horrible angry, negative thoughts just “flick” them away like you would a fly and replace with a happy thought.  Here’s a good example


“I am so unhappy, no-one can understand what I am going through”.


The minute you think a thought like this – change it to “I wonder what my friend is doing today, I will give them a call, see how they are and see if we can meet up”.  Or “ummmm what shall I wear today – something bright and cheerful to cheer myself up”.


Practice does make perfect, so keep at it.

With love

Tracey B x