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Help Me Declutter!

Help Me Declutter

Help me declutter! I am sure that’s something we have all popped into google at some time or another.

After all, there isn’t a time in any of our lives when we haven’t found the clutter in our homes overwhelming.

Some of my clients appear to have the most immaculate homes but often clutter can be found lurking in cupboards and drawers and most often, the client feels suffocated by the clutter that most cannot even see.

Help Me Declutter

My job is to help you declutter.

But where does clutter come from – what is the source of the problem?

Children are often blamed for the clutter, along with pets and hobbies but in truth, we, as human beings, have created the clutter either mindfully or without realising.

Lack of space is a key factor, often when living in an apartment. My observation is that many apartments now come with little to no storage, and that can cause issues. But maybe the designers are trying to tell us something? Have you heard of the saying “less is more?”

Downsizing is the perfect time to let go and focus on what you really need as opposed to what you want. They are two intrinsically different factors and can be used to help you declutter your home. As the saying goes “Only have in your home that which is practical or beautiful.”

Help Me Declutter

We all have wants, I know myself from the past, that I would see things in shops and always make reasoning in my brain as to why I want it, but in truth, did I really need it? Most of the answer was a resounding no.

Where does this sense of ‘want’ stem from? For me, it came from a childhood where I felt the need to create perfection. I sought perfection in the stuff I bought, lipsticks, earrings, dresses and, as an adult, every towel, ornament, and candle. They all played their part in creating perfection from the outside, but they didn’t make anything better on the inside. In fact, guilt raised its ugly head. Price tags stacked up in the wardrobe only made things worse. For others, belongings gavea sense of security when ‘lack’ was the overriding emotion. Some struggle with Chronic disorder which does mean that less of everything and everything in its place, will make life so much easier.

Help Me Declutter

That is why, realizing what makes you tick, realizing that our stuff does not define us or even make us happier, and jumping into the deep end without a second thought, is the only way to let go of that which no longer serves us. Once you do, you will never look back.

With Love