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House Clutter Clean Up

House Clutter Clean Up

Is it time for a good house clutter clean up? Do you find yourself groaning under the weight of clutter and, therefore, chaos? Do you find that you cannot sleep peacefully due to the amount of overwhelm you now feel?

You are not alone. So many people lead busy lives, juggling a partner, children, pets and a job.

But let’s face it, it’s not just a change in society, it’s a change in the way we spend. We are a disposable society where we can quickly buy something only to dispose of it a month later. However, do we dispose of it? Do we feel guilty for the spend and does it start to mount up until it comes to the point you cannot cope?

Many of my clients struggled during lockdowns. Items were purchased, mostly unnecessarily, to fill that void, only to find that two years later, they are still lying in their packaging unused.

That is why now, the time is now, to have a jolly good house clutter clean up.

House Clutter Clean Up

Thing is, with so many areas needing decluttering where do you start?

I advise the following –

Firstly, put like with like, so books with books, toys with toys, clothes with clothes etc. That way you can see what you have (realistically). It might seem like a part of decluttering that isn’t required, but it is. It helps you identify if you have too much of something. I worked with one lady who did not think she had a problem with the number of teabags she had, until 30 boxes and counting, she realised she had more than enough for the next year!

Secondly, get the family involved. You cannot have a house clutter clean up if you don’t have a backup army. Ask them to support you as you make your merry way through the house. If things are going to change around here, you need to have the family on your side. You will find your children actually enjoy the process.

Thirdly, once you have put like with like, it’s a case of working your way through each ‘pile’ created. Always start with the easy wins first. After all, as I said to a client the other day, you cannot possibly like everything, it’s just not possible. Focus only on what you want to keep.

Fourthly, make sure you find a worthy charity to whom you can donate things you no longer need. Charities like The Salvation Army and the food banks are crying out for your things to sell or give to those in need. It will help you let go, knowing that someone will benefit from your stuff.

When it comes to a proper house clutter clean up, leave no drawer unturned, no bed crawled under, and no wardrobe gone through with a fine-tooth comb. Get in contact with us to find out more!

House Clutter Clean Up

In 2022 many are seeking that ‘everything in its place look’ and that does mean putting obvious items together. One of my clients said he liked his saucepans on his bookshelf and could not understand when I told him that most of society liked their saucepans in their kitchen, where the cooking is done. We are seeking perfection or as near to it as we can reach. In truth, by having a house clutter clean up, you are part way to creating a calm home for all the family.

Find those bin bags and boxes and let the fun begin!

With Love