It is important that you have a clear vision of what you want your wardrobe to look like.  I suggest that my clients create a Vision Board for any decluttering project, either physically on a large piece of board, or via sites like Pinterest.


You need to know where you are going before you can move forward.


I ask my clients to remove all the items from their wardrobe and that includes everything, shoes, handbags, accessories, dresses, tops, shirts etc.  That way, you can see clearly what space you have to work with.  It also gives you a chance to see truthfully, in the clear light of day, what you have in your wardrobe.  I always say to my clients that it is going to look worse before it gets better, and they are not to worry.  


So how do you let go of those clothes that you no longer wear?  I ask my clients if they enjoyed wearing them at the time and got enjoyment out of them, then it’s time to let them go.  Giving things away is good for your mind, body and soul and charity shops will benefit.    I like to encourage clients to let go of clothing that no longer suits them or, indeed, fit them anymore. You should only have items that look amazing on you and make you ‘sparkle’ inside and out.  I also use an analogy of “if you were in a shop right now and had the chance to spend money on anything you wanted, would you buy that item again”?  In most cases, It’s a firm No!


Having a smaller wardrobe allows you to choose clothes confidently and, in turn, saves you time and money. So here is how you can get started –


  1. What do you want your wardrobe to look like? Create an image in your mind
  2. Create piles – SELL, CHARITY, CHUCK.
  3. Have a think what suits you, fits you, makes you feel great and happy.
  4. Take everything out and pile up. Put everything into order – jeans, t-shirts etc
  5. Clean out space if you need to
  6. Pick up each item, try it on and think carefully about how it makes you feel? Happy/Sad/gorgeous/Does my bum look big in this? If it doesn’t fit you, has tears or snags and feels just plain wrong, it’s probably not for you anymore.
  7. What sizes do you have in there? A variety will mean you will only go back to a size you don’t want. What size do you want to be? Stick your flag into the ground and declare to everyone you know that you are a size X and you intend to stick to it!
  8. Re-arrange everything by colour or style – i.e. trousers together etc
  9. Put everything back into your wardrobe.
  10. You should have gaps so you can see everything clearly and you should now have a wardrobe that makes you sigh not grimace


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