Have you sometimes wondered how your life is going to turn out?  Have you worried and fretted about what is to become of you and if, in fact, your hopes and dreams can come true or remain only a figment of your imagination?


I think we can all relate to that but in truth, there is ‘sort of’ something you can do about it and it’s called Manifestation.


It sounds a bit woo woo but in truth, it’s been used by scientists and a lot of very successful businesspeople who work with the universal laws of attraction.


When I talk about the Law of Attraction, I relate it quite clearly to my life. I used to dread Mondays worrying about what might or might not happen. Often the thing that I worried about would happen (computers down was my worst nightmare along with the phone line). I would nod and say there you go, it’s going to be one of those weeks and guess what? It would be ‘one of those weeks’.


Am I saying I caused it? Well to a degree yes, because like a magnet I attracted to me exactly what I put out there. We are made up of energy and this nice little piece explains it in more detail.




Of course, books like The Secret focus on the Law of Attraction and how you can manifest anything you desire into your life.


I have had many experiences in mine where I have literally manifested what I have wanted, good and bad.


So, with that said, I have become heavily invested in Vision Boarding, which I think is a great thing to spend your time doing.  Not only is it creative and therefore fun, but you can literally put down anything you would like to manifest.


Mine is full of hopes and dreams, places I would like to visit, things I would like to create for this year, but also affirmations and reminders that I am okay!


I have today, just finished off my dream board which encompasses my next wedding. I have no fella, no date and no sign of anyone as I don’t date but that hasn’t stopped me pulling out all the stops. The venue, the DJ’s, the dogs dressed in bow ties, my friends, glitter, you name it, it’s in there.


After all, everyone has to have dreams right and isn’t that how everything gets invented from the World Wide Web to a song being written.


You have the power to create whatever life you want, you just have to believe and create yourself a Life Manual.


For direction on how to start this feel free to contact me.


When I say I am a decluttering coach, I cover every element of your life, even down to helping you create the best life (if you wish it to be that is).


With love

Tracey B