Declutter your life in 2019Decluttering your life

I’m all about decluttering. Even in my own life and there is no element of it that I do not declutter on a regular basis. My clothes, my shoes, my spice rack, my hair products, my beauty products, my stationery, my books. Even my mind gets decluttered on a regular basis through Mindfulness, meditation, exercise, Reiki and long walks with good friends. And given all that’s going on in the world right now, why not think about how to declutter your life in 2020?

I’m a fan of the law of attraction and with all the news in the media right now, I’m all about keeping positive and focusing on what I am rather than not. My favourites mantras now are I am fit and well, I am healthy and strong, I have the ability to fight off all infection, my blood cells are working well and I’m in a good place. 

Keeping calm 

In fact, I use decluttering as a way to keep me calm. The minute I feel the flickers of anxiety or sadness, its candles lit, music on and a decluttering process starts.  I have a lot of books, so I carefully go through from time to time and let go of those books I have read and which I now know someone else can read and enjoy. 

Everyone is talking about decluttering now and if you look around, it’s more than a trend, it’s a new way of ‘being and living’.  

People are looking to find new ways to help them get through this thing called ‘life’ and bring structure and stream-lined logic to the way they live their lives.  

Personally, I think of it as an artist with a blank canvas. No artist can start with a busy easel and lots of paint splashed over his canvas. He or she needs a blank canvas. I think it’s the same with having a clutter-free home. Not only that, clutter free changes the energy, it makes you feel more free and uplifted. Once my home is calm I also feel calm, and then whatever life chucks at me is dealt with from a calm place. Let’s face it, it’s actually really nice to know where everything is for a start!

Decluttering memories

Apart from that, decluttering is a word that can be connected to more than physical possessions. How about letting go of some of those memories from the past that no longer serve you? Those memories are often linked to the items you are storing away for a rainy day.

Are you ready to let go or know someone who may need help? The key is finding the right person to help you! Someone who is understanding and patient and who knows the feelings involved with letting go as they had their own fair share of ups and downs in life but are still standing. I don’t come with a skip, however, I do come with a sense of what needs to be done and oodles of empathy.

Let’s Declutter Your Life Together

Check out my testimonials on and ask me how to declutter your life and help you move forward in 2020. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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With love,

Tracey B x
Lifestyle Consultant