There are so many ways to be happier and to declutter your mental health, so here I share with you my top 5. Do not worry I have a heap of others, so bear with me, I’m a mind of information about happy. I’ve worked hard these last 5 years on myself and now I am happier than I have ever been, so it’s time to share.  These top 5 centre around health:


  • Exercise – exercise is guaranteed to make you happier. It releases endorphins, those happy hormones. Also, when you feel fitter, you feel better about yourself, and you smile more. It’s a win win! Plus your health is better and you have more get up and go!
  • Once you exercise, your clothes suddenly seem more appealing. Maybe you lost weight and something you could not get into, has suddenly become wearable! Wow, imagine that feeling? I always allow myself one ‘smaller’ item so it’s a kind of ‘motivation’ to lose some weight.  This month I have just managed to get into some faux leather pants that I have been longing to wear!
  • Eat well. I know everyone says that and I think some of us struggle with the idea of eating well, after all, what one person may deem healthy, may not be another’s. I’m a big eater of greens and fruit (but not the fruits full of sugar, I eat pears, apples and the berries only)
  • Water is the food of life; without it we would not survive. I’m a 2 litre a day girl, it keeps my skin clearer, makes me feel less bloated and is great when I’m feeling hungry, as rather than eat something I drink some more water.
  • Yoga and Pilates – both of these therapies are great for offering exercise around stretching and flexibility but are also great for the mind. A combination of both works wonders. I often use Yoga as a way of meditating as often yoga can be reflective. I like @adrienne on you tube who is a beautiful soul.

For me, it’s all about being the best I can be at the age I am.  We are living longer now and it’s important to think about your health and the life you want to live.  I want to be fit and well so that I can party, have fun but balance my life with healthy eating and exercise.


For more details and how I inspire myself to get going, check out my website or better still give me a call. I can help you be the best version of you!


With love,

Tracey B x

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