How to be Happy

I’m a big fan of being happy. It really is a great way to be!  Okay, you can’t be happy all the time but if you are anything like me, I used to bounce off the walls like tigger, only to hit rock bottom like Eeyore on a regular basis. It was exhausting.


In 2014 I decided to put an end to this yo-yo/see-saw type of life. I decided to declutter every element of my life to find that elusive happy vibe that I knew was deep within me.


I’m glad to say I found it, so here, I share with you my top tips, 5 at a time to help you reach a happier place in your life.


  1. Love yourself, love others, but most of all, you come first. If you don’t love yourself, how can anyone else? Tell yourself every day how adorable, huggable, fantastic and just how amazing you are and very soon you will start to believe it. Once you believe it, you will start to feel happier, guaranteed.
  2. Meditation is great for calming a troubled mind. Mind you, many get a bit hung up on the correct way to do it. In my mind, meditation is however you want it to be. In fact, there are those who believe that the best form of meditation is when you are in a noisy environment. If you can still your mind in noise, you can still it anytime
  3. Water your flowers, mow your lawn, nurture your balcony flower baskets. Whatever it is, in whatever form it takes, walk in nature, take time out to be in the fresh air and tend your garden
  4. Gratitude’s are one of the best ways to build you up each and every day. Keep saying all day long your Thank You’s. it could be for the breakfast you just ate, the shower you just had, the kiss from your partner…just be grateful for the life you have and in time, you will create the life you always dreamed of
  5. Believe you can. If you believe you can; you can. Fear is only based on ‘old beliefs’ that no longer serve you.  Set your intentions, focus on them and then set about to smash the hell out of them!  You have got this!


There are so many ways to help you feel happier, I hope these 5 tips give you some ideas and I’ll share with you some more tips in my next blogs.


However you’re feeling today, get in touch for a chat, I’m here to help!


With love



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