I think we all strive for inner peace. It’s like a life goal and for some of us, it’s harder to find. Work, family, relationships, clutter, it gets too much and we find ourselves feeling “out of balance” with life, with no way of knowing where to begin to ‘unravel’ everything.

I always think that inner peace starts with your mental health and that means you need to stop those chattering monkeys that plague you every day of your life. You know the ones, the ones that chatter endlessly about things that happened, things you should have done and things you need to do.  They are unmerciful in their plaguing of you and they hold you back. So how do you get them to go away so you can think clearly?

For me, there is a simple formula and it’s ALL about releasing and letting go –

  1. Practice mindfulness and meditation – what I mean by this, is to manage your thoughts. For instance, if I have a negative thought come into my head, I know, for sure, that another is going to follow (just like London buses) and frankly I don’t want that to happen. So, when that negative thought comes in, I push it aside with a positive one.
  2. Meditation need not be something “you try to find time to do”, meditation can be done at any time of the time and anywhere. The beach is a good start but even in a park or a busy high street, put on some earphones, and find yourself a meditation that works for you. I’m keen on the #CALM app. Not only does it give you both guided and unguided meditations, there are sleep time stories and even healing music.
  3. Sit in silence. Just you and silence. Even if it’s for 5 minutes a day, use it as a time to focus on what you want from the day, not on what you don’t want. Remember, that with the Law of Attraction, negative thoughts can create negative actions, so be careful to keep your thoughts happy and positive
  4. Yoga/Chi Gong/Tai Chi/Pilates/exercise – all these modalities are great not only for physical health, but for your mental health too
  5. Self-care is so important, treat yourself with respect, that means early nights, baths, calm space, eating well, exercise
  6. Declutter, declutter your physical surroundings, let go of things that no longer serve you and that may include those ball dresses, that no longer play a part in your life. By decluttering you purge, you release, you let go which, in itself can be so cathartic
  7. My favourite – walking, walking is a great way to release any negativity, create space in your mind to think straight and is the best way to exercise without putting any strain on you. Find time to incorporate at least 20 minutes a day of walking into your life, with the lighter evenings coming in, you should be able to find that extra 20 minutes you need.

With love


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