We all can feel uncomfortable from time to time. Often it leads to a need to seek relief.


Relief can come in many forms –


Getting busy doing stuff



Analysing (especially over analysing)

Trawling the internet for hours, getting lost in You Tube videos




Falling in love (falling in love with the feeling of falling in love)

Telling the story of ‘you’ over and over in your head until you feel like your brain is going to explode!


All of these are ‘deflection’ tactics. After all, all the above are so much easier than facing the reality of what’s irking you.


I was with a friend last night and she were discussing where we were on the fitness/healthy living scale. We both agreed we could ‘do better’ but at the same time, we both knew where we wanted to be.


We sat together and wrote a list of all the ‘things’ that were making us uncomfortable right now.  Turns out we both had some physical ailments that weren’t helping as well as both of us having very busy brains!  In other words, we lacked the focus to get done the things we needed doing.  It was easier therefore to skip meals and eat snacks and sugary foods which, in turn, created the lack of focus.  So, first thing on both our ‘To do Lists’ was ‘declutter our brains’.


How do you declutter your brain? My top tips are


Walk in nature

Hang out with animals (dog’s are great),

Hang out with babies (they were the best)


Eat healthily,

Avoid sugar and alcohol,


OR simply sit in silence until you can master the art of turning off that monkey chatter brain.


With love