I took the right amount of time for me to mourn the loss of an 18 year marriage. It has taken me 6 years to overcome the trauma. It has taken me 6 years to unravel myself and self reflect. What could I have done better so that I am better for the next time round.

Just recently I have felt strong enough to start dipping my toe into the dating scene. Occasionally I meet someone and I share the news with friends. Then I wish I hadn’t when it never come to anything. I always feel disappointed. Then I start to beat myself up, maybe I am too fussy and too picky?

But here’s the thing, and I am making this statement to the Universe who always looks after me.

I am not prepared to settle. I don’t think I am anything special, but I always try to be the best I can be.

I don’t do drama, overwhelm, anger or messy.

I do calm, sorted, good place and gracious. I do manners, style and yes, I do ‘class’. You can be poor and be classy and you can be wealthy and lack class. I don’t care about status but I do care about the way someone handles themselves.

You don’t want to know what kind of ‘guys’ I have tried to start something with but there’s been an assortment in the quest to find my twin flame or at least someone who I can have a lovely relationship with.

This message is to every woman out there who finds herself seeking love right now. Never seek happiness from a relationship, find the happiness within you and then take your time and never ever settle.

You are enough and you deserve the best.

With Love