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I love March

I love March blogI love March, it’s a great month as it always feels like a fresh start with new opportunities, especially with the turn in the weather, there is so much to look forward to. We certainly had some amazing weather and it does put a spring in everyone’s step.

I’m still revving up for the rest of the year and am busy making plans and getting dates in the diary to see friends and go to festivals.

I had a client who I decluttered for which was great as we got a lot of work done within a relative short space of time. One of the key things we did focus on was creating a light and good workspace. I know how important this is and what a difference a clean, decluttered and light space can make to your work and mood. I look forward to getting more decluttering work and I’ll also be taking part at ‘Highcliffe’s Feel Good Friday’ charity event on 7th June at St Mark’s Church in Highcliffe. The event is organised by Christchurch Derma Spa and all in aid of Dorset MIND. For tickets and information, please click here https://allevents.in/christchurch/highcliffe’s-feel-good-friday/200017077764058.

March was a really good month and I feel lucky to have my own monthly column in the House & Lifestyle Magazine, Dorset’s favourite local property and lifestyle magazine. I also feel privileged to have been interviewed by two Bournemouth University students who study journalism. They have been following me via social media and are reading my blogs. One of them interviewed me on the subject of ‘Happiness’ which I write a lot about, what it actually means to be truly happy and why everyone is longing for it. The other student wanted to talk about the dire state of Bournemouth’s town centre and what could be done to improve it. Oh, you know me, I had plenty to say about this! I’ve also written a blog about the decline of the British High Street and the reasons for it and what improvements could be done to save it. I suggested easy things Bournemouth council could do like cleaning up graffiti and empty shops and attracting more independent retailers and boutiques to the town centre. However, I’m glad to hear from the students that there’s lots of development and action taken at Bournemouth University and that Lansdowne campus has some great Sunday markets which I look forward to exploring this summer. The energy that young people bring to an area can never be underestimated and I love that. By the way, did you know that the degree for journalism at Bournemouth University is better than a degree from a London university, because it’s a multi-platform journalism! This is great news and with all the new student accommodation being build I’m keen to see what a massive influx of students will come to Bournemouth and liven up our town. If Plymouth and Reading are anything to go by, things are going to get a lot more fun around here! As for myself, I’m happiest when I’m around people of ALL ages, not just one demographic.

We were discussing the subject happiness and whether social media played a part in making people feel more insecure. I said that I felt that although social media played a big part in our lives nowadays that if it’s used in a mindful and positive way it can actually be good fun and give you a sense of community and platform to get information and advice if needed. I know for myself that when I moved from London to Lymington a few years ago I certainly loved chatting with my friends via Facebook and thus never felt alone. However, we did agree that with the ‘perfect’ imagines on social media, in particular on Instagram, some people might feel more unsettled and insecure about themselves and need additional support from their loved ones and friends around them.

At the end of the interview we agreed that happiness is different for every person. Maybe we should all stop seeking it and learn to live more in the moment and appreciate life a little more. I certainly try to do that while taking each day as it comes. Nothing in life is guaranteed, so we need to make the most of it! For me this means if you like what I do now, follow me on social media as I like to inspire others with my newly found wisdom as opposed to how I felt or what I did years ago. I am a wise owl now after years of personal development! 🙂

On that note, there is the most amazing event happening on Sunday 29th September 2019 at the BIC (Solent Hall) – it’s called the ‘Feel Amazing Expo 2019’. I’m invited as a speaker to talk about Happiness and my experience. I’m beyond excited about this as it’ll be such a unique and special event! For more information and tickets have a look here https://feel-amazing.org/feel-amazing-expo-2019/.

As always, much love went into writing this blog so if you have some tips, comments or advice on anything raised here or want to find out more about my services, then just give me a call or email me at tracey@thelifestyleconcept.co.uk.

With love,

Tracey B x
Lifestyle Consultant & Blogger