Do you ever feel like you want to run away from everything? Me too.

Five weeks I did just that. I had to get away, as far away as I could, in order to clear my head and stop the negative spiral of self-doubt that had been poking its ugly head again.

I found myself a real bolt-hole, not a million miles from the Brecon Beacons but less commercialized. Llandovery, a yoga B&B retreat, set in gorgeous countryside.

Little Wifi, a lake, acres of land to explore and a mountain to climb. Just what I needed.

I loaded myself up with books, Louise Hay’s Mirror Work and Susan Jeffers “Feel the Fear” (I never finished it before and now felt like the right time to finish one of the most empowering books I have ever read).

I ate well, too well, in fact, with lots of homemade cake and big breakfasts, but I wasn’t there to lose weight, I was there to relax and switch off.

But the achievement that re-set my brain? I walked a 10 mile mountain route.  It started off as a few hours walk but before I knew it, I was up the mountain and wondering how I was going to get back down.  HI am not good with heights, so this was a massive challenge and one I relished. Thank goodness for the Angel who appeared in the form of Gareth (who was with a friend). He was an ex-Rugby player who was quietly happy to walk a few hundred yards in front and keep an ‘eye’ on me. As I revealed I suffered with vertigo I think he felt I might need some help at a hair-pin bend about 2 miles away, thousands of feet up. He was right. As I approached the dreaded hairpin, he held my hand and walked on the edge whilst I tentatively walked down the steep incline.  We talked of our favourite cakes and biscuits and the fact you could buy super cheap food from M&S on a Friday.  It distracted me nicely.

As we walked towards our cars, hot and sweaty and feeling all achieved, he admitted it was a nice feeling to know that you have done a 10 mile hike. I could not have agreed more.

For me, it was huge. It reminded me that I was braver than I believed and even when feeling the fear “I did it anyway.” It was the ‘switch’ I needed to remind myself that, after all, I am fearless.  I came home a new person.

I share this because I meet so many clients (women in particular) who are so frazzled and all too often, a holiday involves lots of people and even more frenzy.

So, why not go away on your own, take some time out for YOU and take some time out for yourself.

I am not talking anything fancy, sometimes, the best things come in the simplest of packages. We all need a reset from time to time and often that could mean challenging yourself more than you have been challenged for some time.

Our lives are so busy these days and with the 18 months we have had a break is the very least we deserve.


With Love