How many times have you said that? I wonder if you have ever done a search on the internet wondering what a declutterer looks like, and what they can do for you?

Well, firstly, I always say to my customers I am not here to judge you or the way you live, and although it seems like I am coming into your life and rooting around your ‘stuff’ it’s just that, I want to get down to the nitty gritty of the job and help you create the home of your dreams.

As decluttering becomes more and more popular, but more than that, increasingly important for our mental health, we often seek the internet to find solutions to the problems we face. Anyone can have clutter, in any form. Some of my customers have clutter hidden away, whilst others have it on display.

Clutter is an issue for most people these days. Either caused by all members of the family or by the children or your beloved teenagers, there are times when you could just scream out for want of help, or just knowing where to start.

The truth is, we all get stuck at some stage of our life, after a trauma either as a child or as an adult, or trying to juggle a job and a busy family life. It is perfectly okay to accept help from others, in fact, it’s a brave thing to do. Not many people can ask for help, especially when it involves inviting a stranger into your home. I always say thank you to my customers for inviting me in.

So why on earth would you hire someone who can offer to declutter your home. Well, firstly, support of this nature comes with a positive attitude.  Most declutters have solutions to many of your problems and it’s just nice to have someone to help guide you through the process.

Services are varied, depending on the person you hire. I like to work with the client on a holistic level, understanding the person and helping, where I can, with support on the ‘why.’  There are so many reasons why someone has clutter and another does not, and sometimes, if you unpick the truth of ‘why’ it can really help in the healing.

But back to the actual event itself. I offer the following support which is more varied than you may think:

  • Full declutter of house/home from top to bottom, this includes removing items for charitable donations, moving things around and offering storage solutions
  • Put you in contact with someone who can sell clothing
  • Solutions on how to make your home flow better so it feels calmer
  • Helping you with style ideas, both in home décor and in your clothing (I used to work in fashion and beauty)
  • PA/organisational support, as an ex-PA, I love to help my clients with any admin duties, especially if you struggle with having to juggle too many plates
  • Decluttering of paperwork, clothes, books, shoes, kitchenware, inboxes, children’s toys, garden implements, tools, food stuffs, make up, beauty products and everything in between
  • I can prepare a mood board to help you create the perfect home based on your colour choices (or my suggestions)
  • I can open any boxes that have not been open for some time and help you get over that hurdle
  • Help you with a house move and the organisation of this stressful life event
  • Support in between the declutter both with solutions (if you are stuck) and motivation to keep on going
  • I do not mind spiders (if they are small-ish) so if you have put off looking into a cupboard using the spider excuse, I am your woman!
  • Home re-styling, how your home looks reflect you, if your home looks great you will feel great (whatever is going on in the background)
  • I have a little book of suppliers, who can help you put up shelves and who can handle all those little outstanding jobs, including painters, decorators and cleaners, as well as a few healers who can help on the emotional level to ease you through the process

The next time you say “I need to declutter my home” you may decide to take the next step and engage a professional to help you. It could be the best thing you ever did for YOU!

With love