How many times have you said the words “I need to declutter my home”

In recent years the need has become more apparent and even more painful. We all got to have a good look around our homes in the last few years and realised we have more stuff than we need.

I Need To Declutter My Home

The thing is, decluttering takes a lot of focus, more than you realise and it can be tiring too.  After all, just looking at clutter can be exhausting, never mind tackling it head-on.

As a Professional Declutterer, I often say I’m a bit like a Personal Trainer. Of course, you could exercise without a PT glaring at you, but would you? Can you, when push comes to shove find the motivation to start the declutter or indeed, to continue it? I know when I worked out with a PT it was the very fact he was there, pushing me on, guiding me, that kept me on track. I remember feeling resentful at his every word, but I knew he was right. I needed him to keep me on track.

And that’s what I do with my clients, I keep them focused and on track. There’s a lot of hand-holding if you like, as you keep saying to yourself “I need to declutter my home”, “I need to declutter my home”. Mutter it under your breath to keep you motivated.  I know when I wanted to lose weight and get fit, I would say to myself over and over, you want to do this, you need to do this, you will do this. Of course, you could declutter your home on your own, but sometimes you must admit defeat and call in some help. If you need help why not get in contact, we will be able to help you.

I Need To Declutter My Home

Many of my clients tell me that on a regular basis they say to friends that “I need to declutter my home” but where do you start?

If you are time poor and most people seem to be these days, I always suggest that you start small.  Maybe one drawer in your bedroom.  I was with a client the other day, who was struggling with anxiety. She was finding the whole process difficult and felt attached to everything. After a few moments assessing where may be best to start, I spotted a heap of hairbrushes of all shapes and sizes.  I asked her to pull out the drawer and tip the contents onto the bed.  I asked her to pick out the brushes she used all the time, she did this quickly and easily. We then worked through the rest. By the time we finished her ten brushes were down to five and it too a matter of just five minutes.

This got her into the spirit of decluttering. Next was the beauty section.  Using the same methodology, I asked her to empty the contents onto the bed and pick out the facial products she loved and used regularly. That was easy. The other bits and pieces were harder, samples given to her, half used bottles, kept for whatever reason.  Again, five minutes later, we have half the contents we had before with many items either binned or repositioned as I taught her how to put like with like, i.e., medical products with medical products.

I think she actually enjoyed decluttering after all. 

With Love