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I Threw My Wedding Ring Into The Sea

On 21st December, Winter Solstice, I threw away my wedding ring. I walked from Boscombe, where I live to Southbourne and walked down to the water’s edge. With the moon behind me and what looked the trail of a shooting star crossing the moon, I kissed the ring and threw it away.

It felt like the right thing to do.

The story behind the ring is complex, that story is saved for my book which I am still working on.

The reason I decided to throw it away was because I simply googled my options, and this was one of them. I kind of liked it.

You see, I’m not a great one for nostalgia, what has gone, is gone. There is no point reminiscing as that will only make you sad. I did not need a reminder of my marriage hanging around my neck in the form of a new necklace, I simply needed it gone. I had intended, in truth, to sell it, but as it so happens, the ring was of little value as it was an unusually crafted ring made from two or three separate pieces.

Neither did it feel disrespectful. If anything, it felt the kindest thing to do, I wasn’t profiteering from it. As for memories of my marriage? They remain in my mind and in my heart as well as wrapped up in a beautiful box with a ribbon. Memories you want to keep, should be kept safe and treasured but ideally put away out of sight, to protect you from the painful feelings of loss, regret and ‘what if’s’.

Only when you can learn to handle your emotions, can you dive back into the pandora’s box of your past.

With Love