There is a wonderful saying “If in doubt chuck it out” but in truth, it’s a great way to get your head into the right space to start the decluttering process.

It may sound a little drastic, but in truth, if you deliberate for too long, everything will seem precious or useful and you will never move on.

And that is the key thing about decluttering, it’s about moving on, letting go and unencumbering your life with unnecessary clutter.

It is not only physical clutter that holds you back, by blocking up garages, lofts and spare rooms but too often, it’s linked to mental clutter too.

When I moved from my house in Lymington a few years ago, I was filled with sadness. This was supposed to be my forever home, but it was not to be, and I had to let go of furniture and possessions that I had shared with my ex-husband. Not because I did not like the things but because they reminded me of a life once lived and in truth, were relics of the past when I was moving towards a new future in a brand-new location.

I would never say it’s easy letting go, and it takes a big heap of Dutch courage, but once you have bitten the bullet, and set your sights firmly towards the future, you will never ever look back.

Lots of love always