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The Importance Of Reflection

Calm time at the beach
Calm time at the beach with friends

In the last few years of my life, I have spent much of my time reflecting on what happened in the past and how to best move forward in the future, with my learnings intact, and it got me thinking about the importance of reflection.

I have gone deeper into myself than I could ever have imagined, and in turn, this has led to much self-analysis, not always flattering to myself, to understand what I have done wrong to be able to move forward with lesser mistakes.  It has been a bit ‘rattling’ to be honest, but I am okay and out the other side.

You see, what I have been left with is… ACCEPTANCE. We are all human beings trying to do our best. Sometimes, we make mistakes and sometimes we do very well indeed. We encounter all sorts of situations and people, and sometimes we handle them well and sometimes we freak out. Life is constant learning!

One of my biggest learnings is how to protect my boundaries and not allow others to manipulate and take the very soul from me.  This is still a work in progress, but I will let you know when I have perfected it. Golden light is a good one and mirrors (imaginary ones of course, although I wouldn’t mind conjuring up some golden light some days!).

So, with the ‘deep stuff’ said, I had a hectic month and I can feel that September and the start of autumn is definitely a time for some R&R. I am exhausted! I worked out the other day that I have driven for over twenty-four hours in July alone and driven hundreds of miles. My favourite/not favourite was driving to Plymouth from Dorset (5 hours) and then down to Gorran Haven (St Austell) which took another two hours. Not content with the driving, I then partied to The Chemical Brothers until the early hours, heading back to Teignmouth the next day for more partying and then drove home on Sunday, phew!

I am trying to sort out my nutrition and get my health back on track as I struggle through the menopause. I say ‘struggle’ I don’t have it as bad as some, but I’m definitely finding it hard to sleep at night.  It turns out, I don’t absorb nutrients at all so trying to adjust my hormones and the number of vitamins and minerals I absorb is a tricky one. The drive to Bradford-on-Avon is worth it as I get to meet my ‘surrogate mum’, a doctor who is just lovely and I get to sit on the river bank and take photos of the fishermen there. I am also visiting a chiropractor to get my back sorted and into shape, hopefully, that will take the pressure off my knees! I will not bore you with the process, but I need a lot of tweaking before I am back to full fitness, but I guess, as you age, you have to accept that things might not be quite as quick as they were.

I have been gardening for some of my clients which I have enjoyed. I love good old-fashioned hard physical work and find the peace and quiet of gardening so rewarding and therapeutic. Only just recently I have worked on a small garden project and made quite a transformation of the garden which I am very proud of  .

What I have been up to in July

The first weekend in July saw me at ‘Let’s Rock’ in Southampton for some 80s music. I loved seeing Limahl and Nik Kershaw as I was such a fan of their music back in the days. I must say my tastes have changed a little since then and I am really into dance music these days but it is still nice to hear the oldies and look back with love at such a happy time in my life.

I am just finishing up my last session of Reflexology in a few weeks’ time. Not only did I enjoy meeting the lovely Emma Goodman who lives in Highcliffe, but I have also enjoyed her pointing me in the direction of where my ‘issues’ lie.  Reflexology can reveal so much about your inner body and is a great way to relax as well. I always fall into a sleep where you know where you are, but you are not quite ‘there’.  Strange but lovely.

Saturday 13th saw me at the Sandbanks Polo which was great fun. The music got a bit heavy for me this year – I cannot believe I am using the word ‘heavy’ but I know what I like, and I am not into ‘aggressive’ beats. Therefore, we left early. That meant we could make it down to Sandbanks the next day for ‘Sandfest’ and danced the night away ‘on the other side of the fence’ to Chase N Status. It is one of the coolest evenings of the year as it does not cost anything and you get to put out your picnic blanket, drink a beer or two and listen to the music whilst your feet are sinking into the sand. Idyllic!

This weekend I am resting. I am doing ‘nothing’ although for me, doing ‘nothing’ is almost impossible. That is the problem!  I cannot stop ‘doing’. And if I am not doing something I am writing. So, after I have finished this blog, I am going to go into Bournemouth, eat some sushi in the park, buy some camisoles for some future events coming up and then mooch on home. Last night, I watched Glastonbury on catch-up and must admit that I have fallen in love with Tame Impala and Anne Marie!

As you know, I love a festival so end of July I went to Standon Calling Festival in gorgeous Hertfordshire. I loved seeing and dancing to Rag N Bone Man, Lewis Capaldi and Nile Rodgers while glamping there with a dear girlfriend. In my opinion it is the only option to enjoy a festival as I am truly not a ‘natural’ camper, he, he. I remember as a young girl going camping, it rained, I got wet, and that was the end of it!

My tips for you this month

Do not over push yourself, if you need time out, take it! We all need some time to relax and calm our senses as we can often miss out to enjoy the little things in life while our lives get so busy.

With love,

Tracey B x