Whilst the world has stopped, you have had an amazing opportunity. An opportunity to invest in yourself. Time to check in and sort of run an MOT on yourself.


  • Maybe you have found that you don’t eat as well as you should and now is the time to ensure you feed the right kind of foods into our body. After all, good food is our natural medicine.
  • Maybe you have signed up for courses, in particular personal development, that allow you to expand your mind and soul
  • Perhaps you have expanded your spiritual side and grown your ‘tribe’ of like-minded friends (I know I have grown mine and I am happier for it)
  • Perhaps you have looked at your home and realised it needs a declutter
  • Perhaps you have taken up a new fitness regime, one that you may never have considered before. Who would have thought we would be doing PT at home, in front of your laptop, watching a PT from Wales take you through your paces http://www.jamesknighttransformation.com
  • Perhaps you have taken stock of your life and realized you need to ‘tweak’ some things. Maybe there are some things that don’t resonate with you anymore


Maybe, just maybe, you have found a strength in you that you never thought you had, and once things get better, then maybe you believe now is the time to declutter every element of your life in order to get to that happy place you want to be. Maybe you found BRAVE!


With love


Tracey B