TIs Clutter holding you back?o one-person clutter is an ornament that does not fulfil a purpose; to another, it’s a messy kitchen cupboard; to another, it’s closets of clothes, mostly unworn, to another it’s a house just ‘full’.

As individuals, we all know what kind of environment makes us feel safe and secure, and for some, having some bits and pieces about the place fulfils a need. Having your bits and pieces around is just fine, and how you live your life is your choice.

However, for some people, the clutter can get overwhelming and it can start to hold you back.

That’s where I can help. Someone to lighten the load and even have a smile with.

So many of us have an area of ‘concern’ so in this short blog I thought I would share my top tips to having a wardrobe of clothing to be proud of:

1. Firstly, it’s best to split your wardrobe into the Seasons, So, Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. That way, you will have more room to see what you have and won’t have to spend valuable minutes wading through Summer dresses, when all you want is a Winter dress to be worn that day!

2. Secondly, you will need to find a space to store yours out of season clothing. It should be dry and free from damp. Ikea has great storage and any under the bed storage solutions work, in particular, if you have a small space. Ideally, nothing should be stored under the bed.

3. Thirdly, be realistic. If something has been hanging in your wardrobe for over a year unworn, are you truly going to wear it again? I prefer to use the “if I had all the money in the world, would I buy that item today?” If that answer is No, then it can go.

4. Be strong. Keep clothes that a) suit you b) make you look & feel amazing and c) fit you. I don’t believe in keeping an array of sizes ‘just in case’. Set your target weight/size and then make that your mental ‘minimum’. I’m a size 12, whenever I start to struggle to get into something, I will re-address my weight issue, not my clothes!

5. Shoes – only keep shoes that you wear and that you are comfortable walking in. There is no point cluttering up your wardrobe with shoes you will never wear again.

Creating a more minimalist, easy to work with wardrobe, will have you feeling not only super confident, as everything looks amazing on you, but you will save yourself time. Which means more time for living your best life!

With love

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Photo by Burgess Milner on Unsplash