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It’s going to get messy!

I often warn my clients that ‘things could get messy’. I say this just before we start to declutter. I say it with a laugh but what I mean is that a room can look a lot worse before it looks better. That is because to declutter you need to remove everything from a particular area and see what you truly have in your possession for some, that is a lot to take on board. I always say that I will never leave them in a worse state than when I first arrived. We often laugh.

I have been decluttering for clients for over two years and every single situation it can look like a bomb has gone off, before we reach that place of calm. That is because you are laying bear the contents of a wardrobe, a drawer, a cupboard, a garage and sometimes it can be shocking to see just how much ‘stuff’ you have.

However, this is the best way to be totally transparent as to what needs to be decluttered. Too often we tend to hide things away in cupboards and drawers, deceiving ourselves that everything looks okay, when things are not always as they seem. It’s amazing what can be hidden away, out of sight always being ‘out of mind.’

I use the same analogy for decluttering what is going on inside your head. It is going to get messy before it gets better. Having spent the best part of six years ‘healing’ from trauma I know hard the road is.  Sometimes, you need to make decisions that take you to the depths. In a way it’s like unravelling yourself and starting again and rebuilding yourself, better, stronger, wiser, less critical of yourself and more loving.  I use the term “dark cloud” as trauma is like a deep cloud and if you don’t dive deep into it then, over time, the trauma will take over.

I can help with both the mental and physical clutter as I have experienced both in my life.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff you have, give me a call but if you wish to tackle the problem yourselves, be honest about what you have and work methodically through item by item. If you wishing to declutter what is going on in your head, then be honest about the strength you will need to get through.


With love