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It’s ok to feel blue – sometimes

My birthday blues and inspirationsLast weekend was my birthday.  A time for celebration in true ‘Tracey style’ I had a non-stop few days planned.

I got up Friday morning, when I should have felt truly excited but instead, I felt a bit like ‘Eeyore’. I could not put my finger on it. People were calling me, I had messages, both Facebook and WhatsApp and over 61 Facebook timeline posts. Presents and cards were piled up in the corner and I had an amazing weekend planned, Coldplace at the Regents Theatre and then Butlins – my favourite place to hang for extra happiness and fun. So what on earth was this all about? If anything I felt like crying. I put it down to me being a softie and always crying when people were nice to me.  But as the day went on, there was something more. I did not feel very happy and it shocked me. In fact, by the time I got home, I had already decided I was not going to go and see Coldplace, as I figured their music may make me cry, and I needed to cheer myself up. So I decided to get myself ready in a timely fashion and head to Bognor Regis instead, keen to get on the Butlins energy vibe.


As I packed my bag, I reflected on what had triggered this ‘sadness’ spell. As I contemplated the last week or so, I suddenly realised that despite my best efforts, the death of my dear friend had suddenly hit me, “WHAM”, right between the eyes. I was overcome with grief. Her passing had left a huge hole in my heart and in my life. Even though I had not seen her as much in the last few years, we were, in fact, about to change all of that and had put a date in the diary to meet up again on the 22nd March. Therefore, her passing had come as a shock.


However, even after a high energy weekend with good friends, on my trip home on Sunday, and following into Monday, and even Tuesday, I could not shift my mood.  Given I’m a keen advocate of Mindfulness, I knew that I had to listen to my own advice as I did not want this ‘blue period’ to last much longer.


So the first thing I did was to message a few friends. Friends who talk sense and would mildly tell me off (but in a loving way) and others who sent me virtual hugs. I took two long baths, did not touch alcohol, and I made sure I ate really well, lots of vegetables and fresh chicken and fish. I lit candles, made sure my place looked warm and inviting. I had been tempted to stay in bed all day and chuck the duvet over my head, but, after a lie-in, I made myself get up and I even managed to hit the gym.


But the biggest thing I did was not beat myself up. I even thought of my friend who would be telling me to pull my big girl pants on and crack on with life.


We cannot be happy and smiling and upbeat every day of our lives, it is not possible.  And having the odd blue day or days, is normal.  But it’s all about how you manage that day.  For me, it was to learn that I do not need to be smiling and happy for everyone and try to paint the biggest smile on my face.  I know that it’s perfectly okay to feel a bit rubbish now and then, but when you do, to reach out to people who love you most.


In this instance, my friends came to my rescue as quick as you like and got me back on track. What would I do without them?


Oh, and today I’m feeling so much better, I threw myself together a little inspiration board. Yes, I really did look like that in the 80!!! 🙂


What do you do when you feel a little blue? I hope you have a good bunch of people around you too who can cheer you up! However, if you ever want a chat, I’m here, just give me a ring!


With love,


Tracey B x
Lifestyle Consultant & Blogger