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It’s okay to not “keep on going”

I think that many women, and most definitely men too, feel the need to keep on going, whatever the situation.  in times of stress, we often put on a brave face, post positivity on social media and carry on as if everything was just ‘fine’.  In truth, it is better for your body to just ‘let go’ and let it all out, seek help if you need it, but more than anything, admit to yourself and your friends, that you need some support.


I’m not sure if it’s a cultural thing or not but the “keep calm and carry on “attitude engendered during the war, seems to have stayed within the British psyche. Indeed, I feel it even more strongly in men, who struggle as much as any woman, but who feel that they need to be the ‘strong’ one.


For the majority of my life, I felt the need to ‘pretend’ everything was just ‘fine’ when, in fact, it wasn’t.


One of the best things I have ever done for myself was to ‘let go’ which I did, in spectacular fashion, when I came to Highcliffe, Dorset, in 2014!  Nothing like storing up a lifetime of woes and arriving in a new town, where no-one knows you! Blurghhhhhhhh 


In 2014 I came to realise that I had to let go of mainly mental baggage and clutter that did me no good.  Why? Because I could no longer carry on as my clutter was holding me back, unable to move forward. Move forward to the life that I so badly craved. I’m happy to tell you I’m there!


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