…and let go of what you no longer love


This year has been a strange one. Normally I would have written about dividing your wardrobe into Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter and packing away those light feather weight clothes much sooner. In truth, it’s been a mild Autumn so far, so we have been able to stretch those summer cloths so much further.  When I say pack away, I mean pack away in waterproof, zippable bags, cases etc and store them out of sight either under beds, tops of wardrobes or ideally up in the attic.  Feng Shui dictates that putting storage under the bed is not good as it ‘blocks’ energy and I can see that it does. I work with clients who have items in every possible spare space in the house, including under their beds!  However, if, like me, you live in a smaller property, normally an apartment, then it makes sense to utilize the space you have. My Summer wardrobe goes under my spare bed, dust free and neatly stored in white ‘cases’ provided by the ever efficient @ikea.  They look great, are large enough to encase a whole wardrobe and being covered and secure my Summer clothing is going to look just as good as it did, when I packed it away.


However, as it is now time to do just that, this is a really good time to do a quick declutter before either putting items away until next season or putting items back into your wardrobe.


I did just this today and it was strange that even I, with my minimal wardrobe had to be strong and let go of some things that frankly speaking, I will never wear again. I am pretty sure that the series of lockdowns have caused some very “off-piste” purchases!  I know I certainly went a little wild over a period of nights and found myself buying items that would be better suited on a 20-year-old, not on a 56-year-old gay divorcee!  I enjoyed the moment but reflecting on why I did it, it was simply to say to myself that I still felt young.  But I have had to be strong and have put a number of these frivolous purchases onto eBay or I will drop them down to the fabulous ladies at Repeat in Parkstone who, I am sure, will have a good clientele for my clothes.


I work with so many women who have way too many clothes. I think clothes are our go to whatever our mood, happy or sad. I never had an ‘off’ switch when it came to clothing – every day was a shopping day!  But in truth, back in the day, I had so many clothes I could not see the wood for the trees, and it was simply easier to go out and buy something new.  After all, if half your wardrobe is unreachable due to sheer volume of material, who wants to fight through that?


In my case, it was a cry for help, as I loved the feeling it gave me before the hideous low, I felt once I got the credit card bill. It truly was never worth it.


Now I have less clothes, but I love every item I have in the wardrobe so every day I go out I can guarantee you that what I am wearing is loved and never put on “just because I couldn’t find anything good to wear.”


So how do you do a declutter on your clothing? I make this stuff sound simple, it is, it’s my job and it’s what I love to do, but in truth it is simple.  I ask myself these questions –


Do you really like it?

Does it suit you?

Is the colour, right?

Why have you not worn it yet? LOL – that’s a good one – I found two items like that today and I had no excuse other than perhaps, I don’t really like them!

Does it fit you properly?

Did you buy it on the spur of the moment and now regret it?

Could you sell the item and recoup some of your money?


We all have a weakness and mine is sequins. I have way too many sequinned clothing and I am not sure if some of the items will be worn again. For now, they are staying but in the back of my mind, I know there will come a time when I have to say a sad goodbye but will do so, remembering the good times I had wearing the items and knowing the purchase was not in vain.


A decluttered wardrobe is just a start but it’s a good start and will put you on the way to a more orderly life.   After all, life is too short, to be spending hours in your bedroom deciding what to wear. Life is for living.


With Love