I admit it! I am a clothes horse. I can hardly resist clothing as my ‘go to happy fix’ but resist I do. Or, at least, do not let it overtake my life.

So, my question to you is do you keep on buying to make things just right? I know I did.

That’s what I used to do and it’s a trait I still battle but I have it pretty much under control compared to my early 40’s.

Back in the day, I would buy just one more dress that made me feel special, just one more top to create the perfect wardrobe. I used to buy and then tell myself that I was sorted, no more clothes required. Until the next time.

But that next time would come, and I would find myself in yet another shop looking for the perfect outfit, to ‘fix’ what was going on internally.

Over the last years I have come to realize that my obsession with perfectionism had created a monster within me. One that was never satisfied with how I looked and a monster that needed feeding.

In truth, not only could I never sate the monster but financially I was draining myself.

I came to realize that my love of clothing was simply to fill a ‘void’ in my life.

If you can learn to love yourself then you will come to realize that shopping, is a distraction, not the solution. At least that is how it came to be that I stopped the ‘shop.’ #selflove


With love