I am the biggest fan of the Law of Attraction. I know that it works, as I have witnessed it for myself, in my own life.

It’s an interesting way to live your life as you do, in fact, focus on the positive. Of course, most of us would say we focus on the positive but in truth, many of us unwittingly use the ‘wrong language’.

What I mean by this, is that we often find ourselves saying things like “I wouldn’t want X Y and Z to happen” and “I don’t want to put on weight”…and “I don’t want to lose money”….In other words, we use ‘negative’ words which The Universe sees as negativity and therefore often delivers to you exactly what you want.

The classic, for me, is “I don’t want to put on weight.” Sadly, the Universe sees this as you want to put on weight.

So, with that all said, how do you change your language?

It’s easier than you think, but you just need to mind yourself and correct yourself almost immediately if you find yourself slipping up.

As someone who is planning to lose weight in the next few months, I remind myself on a. daily basis to speak as follows –

“I am the perfect weight and I eat everything that is good for me and my body.”

“I Never struggle to lose weight and it’s easy for me to reach my goal without any struggle.”

‘I am thankful for my body which I love just as it is”

The thing is about the Law of Attraction is that you need to talk in the positive and like the thing you want, is already yours and, therein lies the secret to the Law of Attraction.

In the words of the Law of Attraction master, Bob Proctor: –

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”


With love