We have all heard that age-old saying “if you don’t love yourself how can you expect anyone else to love you” and just recently, I have learned how important it is to love yourself.


Sadly, our stiff-upper lip British culture of the past has created a society where those in their 40’s and 50’s and beyond have in some cases, developed a low self-esteem life-style where their wants and needs are put on the back burner.


Well I have some great news! Things are changing. I used to live in the USA and the children there had a graduation day when they left school at 5!  Extreme?  American style?  Okay maybe a bit over the top but nonetheless, on the right path.  Praise can only help our children grow and become amazing grown-ups, not put downs and negative wording like “cannot”, shouldn’t, wouldn’t and the downright – you will never do well”.


It is now time to learn from our younger generation who are growing up with so much more self-belief and confidence.  It is time to look at ourselves and learn to love ourselves from the inside and the out.  Louise Hay produced some amazing daily quote cards, I thoroughly recommend them. Each day I pick one up and it gives me that little “kiss on the cheek” I need to have a good day.


Mirror Work is another Louise Hay book I can recommend. It’s hard to look in the mirror and say you are beautiful but truly we are all beautiful and we deserve to be treated well not only by others (that is a given) but by ourselves.  Treat yourself well – look after yourself, lose that weight, wear those nice clothes, smile, have a new haircut.  Once you start to feel happy in yourself and how you look others will treat you differently. You will literally glow because the beauty of self-love is that it’s like an orb of golden light and once you fill yourself up with it, it radiates through you and out of you.  It’s literally in your eyes.

And guess what? Once you love yourself, you will attract people who only love you too. They will see the good in you – so yes, you will get that job you deserve, that partner you deserve, that life you deserve.  Believe in yourself.  And treat yourself with the respect you deserve. You would never talk to friends the way you talk to yourself, so think about that next time you’re about to say something negative to your reflection.

I always think about John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, strutting down the street to “staying Alive” – okay we don’t all have his legs or his moves but heck, we can think like him!

You are the Bees Knees!

Tracey B x