Working with so many women, as I do, there is an underlying theme.


So many women have struggled for most of their lives with a lack of self-love. What I mean by that, is not the kind of love where you look at yourself in the mirror and think “um I look great tonight.” I am talking about the deep-rooted self-love that can only be created with a bit of hard inner work and self-reflection.


Our childhoods are our foundation and, if less than solid, self-doubt can seep and simply put, we forget to love ourselves, as we are, accepting both the good and the bad.


Once you can learn to love yourself, you will find that you have conditional love for others.


Ask yourself what do you love about yourself?  We all have some wonderful traits and focusing on what you love is the best way to start. Build on those traits and learn to accept the bits you don’t like.


No-one is perfect but learning to love yourself is the greatest gift you can give everyone who knows you and that includes yourself.


One of my favourite books is You can heal your Life by Louise Hay. It changed my life completely and put me on the road to recovery.


With Love