Have you ever felt anger? Maybe anger at yourself, your partner, your children, friends, family or maybe a complete stranger. Have you let that anger go?


The thing is, we have all experienced anger at some time in our lives, I know I have.  I now know that I had a lot of anger in me. Anger for those who I perceived did me wrong, most of whom did not even know what they had done wrong!  That anger only hurt me, never them and when internalised can lead to dis-ease and di-stress.  What I mean by that, is that it makes sense, that if you have internalised your feelings and not let them out they can manifest as pain in your body.


@LouiseHay talks a lot about this and it makes absolute sense. After all, how many times, have you felt fear and then your stomach has hurt? Or how many times have you felt stressed and your head starts to pound?  Our minds are as much part of our ‘health’ as our physical bodies, in fact, even more so, as the mind/gut link is discussed more and more.  I know myself that when I used to feel stress as a child, it would impact on my gut and I would be in pain.


As an adult and a woman in her menopause I have come to understand my body like never before. Every bit of stress and fear and anxiety I have felt, has reacted in my body and played it’s part towards the aches and pains that I have both as a young woman and now.


Do not get me wrong, I am getting to grips with the mental stuff. In fact, I have gotten to grips with it, but the physical has manifested as it has seen fit to do.


As for anger, used effectively, it can be a great tool. If you are confronted by someone who means to harm you or your family then anger is the best form of defence to find the courage to do what you need to do. But if you harbour anger over some misdemeanour or argument from years before, it will only create problems in your body and hurt you way more in the long run than the ‘incident’ ever did.


A year ago, I learned to let go of all of the anger I felt inside, and to find the inner peace I so desperately sought.


There are professionals out there who can help you get to where you want to be. Please ask me for guidance if you need help in letting go.


With love



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