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Magnificent March – There’s optimism and spring in the air

Tracey BeesleyLike the proverbial hibernating creature, I’ve had a little ‘quiet’ time throughout February in time for ‘Magnificent March’. I say magnificent, apart from the fact it’s my birthday month, I actually really like this month. There always seems optimism in the air, combined with the turn in the weather too. Spring is definitely in the air, we are so blessed!


On 4th February I had my first ‘Rolfing’ session which is basically a mixture of deep tissue massage and manipulation. As much as it pains me to say, I do have a lot of pain, particularly in my knees. I’m determined to continue clubbing and exercise, they are both so important to me for my mental health. So my priority this year is to get fixed once and for all. I will let you know how I get on. The good news is, that after three sessions, I actually ran a mile two weeks again, the first time since 2017, hurrah!


I have started my Maths course which is giving me a lot to do. Not only the hour and a half spent in the classroom every Monday night but also the homework. I never thought that approaching the age of 54 I would sit in my apartment frowning over ratios and formulas!  Oh well, it’s my choice, and I am determined to succeed. This is totally for me, not for anything I need in work. I just want that stamp on my CV to say I have great Maths skills.  Mind you, if you saw my brain whirring away you would ask me “why bother”. It’s certainly pushing me hard – but I do love a challenge!


I’ve been up to lots of clubbing too, both times Eden Café, Bar & Club in Bournemouth. I’m a big fan of ‘Defected Records‘ and a well-known DJ from said record label came to visit the club in Bournemouth. Sadly, there were very few people in the club, which was a shame, but I tried to make up for that by dancing like a ‘spinning top’ across the dance floor and covering as much ground as I could. 🙂


I’ve been up to London this month as well, this time to Chiswick, to see my beautiful god-daughter and celebrate her 30th birthday. It was a wonderful evening but tinged by sadness. My dear friend, and much loved ‘second mum’, had been ill and, as it turned out, had little time to live.  I’m so glad I got to see her, to hug her and hold her hand. I have such a special picture of her and my god-daughter that now graces my Facebook profile page. She was my first boss, as a naive nineteen-year old, and she kept me on the straight and narrow, and believed in me when I did not believe in myself. Not only that, she taught me how to hold my drink and enjoy life to the full! She was the first person to show me a taste of life as it could be and I loved her.


I’ve had new blinds put up along with a upholstered bedroom chair and my bin has been sprayed gold. I am so happy about these changes. I love my home and my bedroom looks so warm and inviting now. I literally feel keen to get to bed early just to enjoy it! Thanks to the beauty who is Chloe Norian who has produced such beautiful work.


Alongside my clubbing, I balanced out my ‘hedonistic’ life with my healthy one and have thrown myself back into my gym workouts. Three workouts a week Fit Body Bournemouth in Charminster, and now twice a month with the awesome @willsteele in Poole and my friend Caroline. What’s great about these sessions is that they’re a whole hour and I get to do lots of boxing. Not something that I used to like to be fair, but I’m starting to turn around. Boxing works your arms so hard that you truly feel the benefits immediately after the session. I’m also still going to Chi Gong which is remarkably calming but sadly, I will have to drop this practice as I have a chance to go to yoga instead and then, alternatively, hang out with a special group of friends, my Soul Tribe. These friends are my support system and when we come together it’s so special. We often talk about our issues and what is going on in our lives, and we help each other.


Lastly, I’m still in the throes of getting my divorce finalised. It has been long-drawn-out and painful for all parties. I love my husband and always will, but that doesn’t mean we can be together. The pain I feel is sometimes insurmountable but I’ve tried to stay strong. There is an amazing song by Fraser Anderson, someone I met at the Landmark Forum in London in January. He talks about the sad discussion, when coming out of a relationship, of who was right and who was wrong. In truth, we were both innocent. We just did not know how to fix things when things started to go wrong and running a business together took away the essence of who were as a married couple.


I was interviewed on the 24th February by a journalist from Bournemouth University. She apparently reads my blogs and loves my writing. I knew I had a ‘fan’ out there somewhere. 😀


Till next time my lovelies, have a wonderful March and take care of yourselves.


With love,


Tracey B x
Lifestyle Consultant & Blogger