My drill and I have a story and it’s all about memories, those you hold on to and those you let go of.

In 2009 my dad passed away, for any of you who have lost a parent, you will understand the mix of emotions you go through.

I remember feeling this deep sorrow at his passing and as we went through his belongings, it was almost impossible to make any sensible decisions on what I should take with me.  However, one thing caught my ex-husbands eye, and it was my dad’s drill.  Dad had bequeathed it to him months before he passed. It was used regularly.

Years later, I was to part from my husband, still full of grief at my dad’s passing but now mourning the loss of my marriage to someone I had loved very much.

As we went through our belongings, it was only right that I took back the drill that had belonged to my dad.

However, as a woman who had truly lost herself for a bit, I had no clue if I would ever use the drill as quite simply, the skills I had had, prior to my marriage, had gone, and frankly speaking, even changing a lightbulb had become a challenge.

In 2017, on the slow road to recovery after our split in 2016, I decided to enrol myself on a woman’s empowering course in London where we were taught the basic skills of drilling and painting.

Years went by before I picked up the drill, but in 2019, with my business starting to take off, the drill was needed. A client asked if I could put up a picture for her.

That night I charged up the battery and the next day put up two pictures, confidently doing so.

Last week I put up another two pictures. Every time I use that drill it’s like my dad is still with me and when I wonder which screw or drill bit to use, I simply ask him for guidance.

I believe, that when you lose someone, they are never really gone, they are simply in a different place and the memories you hold of them here on earth, can be brought down to just one item, in my case a very special drill.

My dad may be gone, but every time I use that drill, I have a little piece of him in the palm of my hand.  I bet he’s smiling now as I type this and proud that his daughter eventually got her mojo back and found the happiness she was seeking all her life.

With Love