Four weeks ago, I found myself in a lovely boutique in Shrewsbury with my friend @vickymajorpr. We had stumbled across the most amazing boutique and my eyes lit up at a number of items. Mentally I was already earmarking things I would like. However, there was a marked difference this time. This time, I did not simply pick up the items and buy them without a thought. I questioned myself about each item, carefully checking the price, and asking “Did I really need it”. As I walked around the shop, it came down to one top, a beautiful top that in the past, would have been bought and paid for at least 20 minutes earlier. This time, I looked at it, mused over it, studied it, checked the price. “Where would I wear it?” Of course, I loved it but rather than buying it, I walked out of the shop and said I would think about it, in my mind. An hour later, I went back, I was going to buy it. As I reached for the top, I could see it wasn’t in my size and it was the only one left.  “Oh well” I thought, it wasn’t meant to be.


The moral of this tale? Think before you buy and always make a more conscious decision. You are the master of your wardrobe!



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